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Becker Mexico 7948: Fixed Din Navigation Stereo w

[01.03.2012]Celkem zobrazeno: 842x

Becker Mexico 7948: Fixed Din Navigation Stereo with iPod lead

This package consists of the flagship Becker Mexico 7948 the fixed din navigation stereo a dedicated iPod remote lead. The Becker Mexico 7948 Stereo is the high end retro styled navigation unit and the iPod lead will allow full control of your stored music to be displayed and controlled safely whilst driving. The Mexico 7948 also has Bluetooth built in. For the ultimate must have fixed navigation stereo system the Becker 7948 must be your only choice.

Becker Mexico radio features:

2 RDS tuner diversity
Traffic Information
FM / AM / SW (49m)
20 presets, Radio Text
Motorised Card reader (MicroDrive / CF / MMC / SD)
Audio MP3 Playback

Mexico 7948 Navigation features:

34 European Countries (on compact flash card)
post code input
TMC traffic avoidance (with spoken voice alerts)
voice control functions
display "speed Limits" on European Highways
500 Address memory
50 Last Destinations
Internal memory (allowing CF playback whilst navigating)

Becker Mexico 7948 Phone features:

Built in GSM phone (sim and antenna required)
Bluetooth handsfree calling (SAP - SIM Access Profile)
Voice control Functions
Phone book uploads
Automatic Answer
Last 20 dialled / Missed received memory
500 Address memory
WAP internet access
send / Receive SMS with read aloud functions

Becker Mexico other functions:

Removable Panel, coded, LED
GAL (speed controlled volume)
Sub woofer control
250 voice commands
Becker Virtual Surround Sound
Variable internal cross-over
4 x 30 watts
Optional- iPod / CD changer
AUX- in / 5 channel pre-out lead

Get a 2 year warranty on all BECKER products
We have only 50units available in stock

Contact our marketing : celikdara@yahoo.com

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Lokalita: Moravskoslezský kraj
Cena: 19 905 Kč


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